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Amal-Tikva seeks to build capacity for sustainable and scalable peacebuilding between Israelis and Palestinians.​ 

We know that the shortcomings of peacebuilding efforts have many roots, so we offer a comprehensive range of programs and partnerships to ensure that all stakeholders in peacebuilding are equipped to lay the foundation for a more peaceful reality.

do it

We believe that a community of NGOs, donors, experts, and activists working strategically and collaboratively as a field will enable civil society organizations to change the zero-sum nature of the

Israeli-Palestinian conflict, making it feel more resolvable to all relevant stakeholders, which is a key first step toward building a just and lasting peace.

Why we do it anchor
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1: creating a more peaceful reality for Palestinians and Israelis, defined by:

a) less hatred, tension, and violence,
b) increased quality of life, and
c) improved systems for interaction

2: breaking the intractable nature of the conflict into manageable parts, then tackling each part one by one.

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How we do it anchor

How we
do it


Building capacity for growing nonprofits.

We bring capacity-building and funding opportunities, as well as guidance on best practices for scalability, impact and sustainability. ​

We offer skill building, webinars, seminars, office space, dialogue circles and more.


Supporting activists with skill-building and leadership training.

We equip activists with the knowledge and skills needed to make a real impact by introducing innovative approaches to social change from a peacebuilding perspective. 

Each program builds a cohort of peers who will support one another over the long term. 


Bringing new professional capacity to the field. 

​We host the Embodying Peace fellowship, a skill building, educational program enabling young professionals from Israel-Palestine to start their path in civil society peacebuilding.



Leading local and international discourse on peacebuilding.

Are you looking to learn about the history of peacebuilding between Israelis and Palestinians, connect with on-the-ground leaders and activists, and find a way to get involved in supporting the field? 

You've come to the right place. Email 

International Education
Urgent Needs


Right now, Israelis and Palestinians are hurting more than ever.

The peacebuilding field is no exception. NGO leaders, donors, activists, and academics are hurt, scared, and confused.


Some in our ecosystem have staff or volunteers who are missing or murdered. Others are indefinitely drafted. Some are traumatized beyond being able to function. Others have had their bank accounts shut down, or their homes or offices destroyed. Some have had no direct contact with the violence and yet are paralyzed by the anxiety and fear from it all, while others are working around the clock on adrenaline.

This moment seems to have changed almost everything. What has not changed is our goal.


At Amal-Tikva we seek to build capacity for sustainable and scalable peacebuilding between Israelis and Palestinians. Right now that means making sure there are solid people dedicated to this work now and when this war is over. We are committed, as we have always been, to supporting NGOs, donors, activists, academics and decision makers--anyone committed to building a more peaceful reality.

Meet our team anchor
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Meredith Rothbart | Co-Founder and CEO

Meredith brings almost 15 years of leadership experience with Israeli and Palestinian NGOs, including as director of Kids4Peace Jerusalem. Meredith holds an MA from Hebrew University in Community Development, and has addressed Congress, the White House and the UN Security Council on grassroots peacebuilding efforts. She lives in Jerusalem with her husband and four giggly children.

Basheer Abu Baker | Co-Founder and CFO

Basheer is a CPA/MBA with over 10 years experience in the private sector, and another 10 years working with Israeli and Palestinian NGOs as a financial manager. As CFO of Hand-in-Hand, Basheer created the infrastructure for exponential growth, in partnership with government, private, and philanthropic partners. Basheer lives in Jerusalem with his wife and daughters.

Ariel Markose | Chief Strategy Officer

Ariel joined Amal-Tikva after five years as the founding director of the Jerusalem Model, a coalition of diverse social entrepreneurs. Through her role in the Jerusalem Model, she helped guide Meredith and Basheer in creating Amal-Tikva. As CSO she oversees program design, process management, and external relations. She holds an LLB in Law and BA in Government from IDC Herzliya. She lives in Jerusalem with her husband and children.

Ghadeer Sabat - Kort | Chief Operations Officer

Originally from the Old City of Jerusalem, Ghadeer has been working in peacebuilding for nearly a decade. She is an expert in managing data and overseeing systems and operations, skills honed during her experience with a variety of peace NGOs, most recently Kids4Peace Jerusalem. She currently manages our Fieldbuilding360 program. Ghadeer holds an MA in International Cooperation and Development from Bethlehem University. Ghadeer lives in Jerusalem with her husband and children.

Amitai Abouzaglo | Director of Education and Research

Amitai founded Embodying Peace as an undergrad at Harvard College, where he completed a degree in the Comparative Study of Religion. He has been working in the field of social change and peacebuilding since he was a teenager, and remains dedicated to learning and growing. Amitai lives in Jerusalem and is currently pursuing a Master’s in Islamic studies at the Hebrew University.

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Sewar Uthman | Programs Coordinator

From Jerusalem, joined Amal-Tikva in 2023 shortly after graduating with honors from the Hebrew University with a BA in Psychology and Business and also an MBA in Strategy and Entrepreneurship. Sewar began her journey at the Hand in Hand School, where Israelis and Palestinians learn together and in Kids4Peace, a youth movement for Jewish, Christian and Muslim youth from Jerusalem. A seasoned speaker on various perspectives of the conflict, and dialogue facilitator, Sewar is a dynamic force in the pursuit of peace.

Natasha Voloshin | Programs Manager 

Originally from Jerusalem, Natasha brings extensive experience as the former COO at Lissan. She excelled in program management, business development, and team leadership, while also overseeing digital infrastructure. Natasha's previous roles at Deloitte, the Jerusalem Institute for Policy Research, and Greenpeace were centered around analyzing economic and social data for diverse stakeholders. A participant of the ATLI 2nd cohort, Natasha holds a magna cum laude Bachelor's degree in Political Science and Anthropology from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

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