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What we do

Amal-Tikva seeks to build capacity for sustainable and scalable peacebuilding between Israelis and Palestinians.​


We know that the shortcomings of peacebuilding efforts have many roots, so we offer a comprehensive range of programs and partnerships to ensure that all stakeholders in peacebuilding are equipped to lay the foundation for a just and lasting peace.


This includes but is not limited to strategic consulting for NGOs, leadership development for peacebuilding professionals, cultivating international volunteers to support peacebuilding.


Why we do it

We believe that a community of NGOs, donors, experts, and activists working strategically and collaboratively as a field will enable civil society organizations to change the zero-sum nature of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, making it feel more resolvable to all relevant stakeholders, which is a key first step toward building a just and lasting peace.

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How we do it

Business Organization

For NGOs and Activists:

We bring capacity-building and funding opportunities, as well as guidance on best practices for scalability, impact and sustainability. 

We offer skill building, webinars, seminars, office space, dialogue circles and more.

Helping Hands

For Donors

We offer due diligence for organizational commitments to program excellence, monitoring and evaluation, and financial integrity. 

We share reports on the latest trends, needs, and challenges facing the field. 

Street Protest

Changing International
Discourse on the Conflict

We host the Embodying Peace fellowship, enabling volunteers around the world to support civil society peacebuilding. 

We share the field's work  via virtual tours and publications.


Urgent Need

Cross-border peacebuilding NGOs seek to resolve one of, if not the, most complex and intractable conflicts in the world.


Right now, these NGOS are facing a serious moment of reckoning, which began when the field lost nearly half of its funding as a result of US foreign assistance withdrawals in early 2019, and has only intensified with annexation lurking in parallel to the detriment of the COVID-19 pandemic. NGO leaders are scrambling to raise sufficient funds and manage complex logistical realities, let alone dedicate time to matching rhetorical ambitions with sound theories of change and scalable models that can generate measurable societal impact.

This is a powerful moment for peacebuilding, with the potential to replace bad habits of redundancy and inefficiency with strategy and impact.


While a significant number of organizations are primed for serious impact, the present reality within the context of the COVID-19 pandemic has necessitated unprecedented levels of strategic thinking and cooperative partnerships in order to succeed. Over the last few months we have identified an overall feeling in the field of readiness to scale, coupled with a willingness to join forces with new partners.


Amal-Tikva did something no one ever did before: answering questions we always asked as funders but with a depth and width we couldn't achieve as outsiders. Their systematic approach is the place to start for activists, philanthropists, and governments who want to understand and support peacebuilding.


-Scott Rasmussen, former US diplomat, funder

Meet our team

Meredith Rothbart, Co-Founder and CEO

Meredith brings over 10 years of experience with Israeli and Palestinian NGOs in project management, fundraising, strategic planning, and process leadership, including as Director of Kids4Peace Jerusalem. Meredith holds an MA from Hebrew University in Community Development. She lives in Jerusalem with her husband and children.

Basheer Abu Baker, Co-Founder and CFO

Basheer is a CPA/MBA with over 10 years experience in the private sector, and 10 years working with Israeli and Palestinian NGOs as a financial manager. As CFO of Hand-in-Hand, Basheer created the infrastructure for exponential growth, in partnership with government, private, and philanthropic partners. Basheer lives in Jerusalem with his wife and daughters.

Ariel Markose, COO

Ariel joined Amal-Tikva after five years as the founding director of the Jerusalem Model, a coalition of diverse influencers and social entrepreneurs. Through her role in the Jerusalem Model, she helped guide Meredith and Basheer in creating Amal-Tikva. As COO she leads process management, operations, and organizational efficacy. She holds an LLB in Law and BA in Government from IDC Herzliya. She lives in Jerusalem with her husband and 4 children.

Amitai Abouzaglo, Director of International Engagement 

Amitai joined Amal-Tikva in November 2020. As the founder and Executive Director of Embodying Peace, he brings 5 years of experience bridging internationals and local NGOs in constructive solidarity. Amitai graduated from Harvard College in 2020 with a degree in the Comparative Study of Religion. He lives in Jerusalem. 

Ghadeer Sabat, Coordinator of Cross-Border Engagement

Originally from the Old City of Jerusalem, Ghadeer has been working in peacebuilding for nearly a decade. She is an expert in managing data and overseeing systems, skills honed during her experience with a variety of peace NGOs, most recently Kids4Peace Jerusalem. Ghadeer holds an MA in International Cooperation and Development from Bethlehem University. Ghadeer lives in Jerusalem with her husband and children.

Adi Nassar, Coordinator of International Engagement

Adi is a recent MSc graduate in Global Economy at the University of Glasgow, and holds a BSc in International Public Administration at the Hague University of Applied Sciences. He has worked in the Romanian public procurement sector, has volunteered with various NGOs in Israel-Palestine and has written his bachelor's thesis on the role of civil society organizations in Israel-Palestine. He lives in Jerusalem.


Julia Schreiber, Monitoring & Evaluation Intern

Julia brings experience in the private sector (employee and organizational development) and in research, as she works on our Strategic Planning Guidebook, a trilingual tool focused on Program Monitoring and Evaluation for our Fieldbuilding360 program. Julia holds an MA in Psychology from Free University of Berlin and joined Amal-Tikva as an Embodying Peace Fellow. Julia lives in Munich, Germany with her family. 

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