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Fieldbuilding 360 convenes, supports, and builds capacity for Israeli and/or Palestinian peacebuilding organizations to work more effectively, strategically, and in coordination with one another.

Today we serve 25 NGOs, and always welcome more.

​We accept applications anytime in English, Hebrew or Arabic.


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“The meeting management tools were the most useful

because they help us focus

and not wander around

each meeting - maximizing

our results, and wasting

less precious time.”

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“I think we have now

reached a higher,

more professional level

as an organization.”

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"We did a very successful deep analysis. It is now much clearer to me the thin lines between our goals and actions, what we want, what the challenges are, and how we want to

 overcome them."

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“The input we got from the donors on our presentation was a real gift that will influence our approach to resource development for the future.”

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