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The Embodying Peace Fellowship

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Peacebuilding needs YOU!

Are you a motivated, committed and passionate young professional, looking to engage in Peacebuilding?


Individuals interested in becoming high level professionals leading interventions in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict have minimal access to the field, with few opportunities to build the skills and acquire tools to affect sustainable change.



The Embodying Peace Fellowship provides professional development opportunities and the knowledge needed to build a successful career in the field of Peacebuilding.

An internship with leading NGOs in the field

Seven 2-hour education-based virtual sessions

One overnight Professional StoryTelling Seminar

A dual narrative tour of Jerusalem

A study trip to the West Bank

Opportunities to engage with and learn from leading NGOs and activists


Program Details

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Program Goals

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To educate about the complexity of the conflict
To teach methods and tools that deal with that complexity
To provide opportunities to practice what you have learned
To build a resilient professional community

Who is Embodying Peace For?


The Embodying Peace Fellowship is open for people who have passion for Israeli-Palestinian peacebuilding and desire to work in peacebuilding in the future, as well as basic knowledge about the conflict and the availability to participate in the program in person in Jerusalem.

Experience in non-profits or in the field is a plus, but not required.

Language of program: English

Location: Jerusalem

Cost: Free

Application Deadline: November 1, 2022

Program Start Date: November 27, 2022

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