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The Fieldbuilding

Breaking ground for discourse on peacebuilding in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories

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People working for peace in Israel and the Occupied Palestinain Territories, Where do we meet? At demonstrations, dialogue sessions, work days. On Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.



When we leave those moments, those forums which breed within us a sense that peace is possible (and dire), what is our relationship with one another?


How do our efforts relate to one another and build a sum that is greater than its parts? 


Where are we encouraged to zoom out and share our doubts (“How did we fail in the mixed cities?”), our ambitions (“Can we build peace innovation centers across the land?”), our criticisms (“Can we really pursue peace if NGO leadership is overwhelmingly Israeli?”)? 


More basic, do we share a language of peacebuilding—terms, methodologies, debates—from which to discuss these matters and become better off for it? 


Amal-Tikva is thrilled to present Fieldbuilding, a publication breaking ground for discourse on peacebuilding in Israel and the OPTs. 


Why launch Fieldbuilding 2021? 


In the enduring absence of direct negotiations (the “peace process”), peacebuilding in our context is in need of serious reevaluation. Merely bringing Israelis and Palestinians together cannot be the full extent of our tactics and strategies. We need to ask ourselves tough questions, like what are the local conditions we seek to repair or transform, and what is the role of civil society in these pursuits? 


Fieldbuilding aims to bring together the individuals and institutions working for a just peace into a shared framework through which we can collectively unlock the meaning and substance of peace(building). 


We offer the metaphor of a Field. Our disparate efforts aimed at building the foundations for peace are visualized as plots of a wider Field, interconnected by the aim to cultivate the conditions that make peace sustainable, equal, and just. 


We look forward to growing together.


You can read here to learn more.

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